Tuesday, August 3, 2010


has totally started. In my mind.

Monday was my final exam in physics 2, which means I now have time to pack and figure stuff out. But here's the thing kids: I am the master procrastinator. That is probably one of the main things I have learned during the past 2 years at Tech. Yes, I've learned great things about Organic Chemistry and so many levels of Calculus and Differential Equations and Matlab and blah blah blah blah blah.... and procrastinating. I really shouldn't put this off like I am... but you saw the picture of my desk. Yeah. That is what my room is like, except on a larger scale. I really don't want to clean and pack and everything at this moment. I'm weird, as in I will get in a mood where I really want to pack and then I'll do it. That moment hasn't hit yet. Saturday is probably when it will happen... the day before I leave.

I have accomplished some stuff related to Disney today. I went to Walmart and bought make-up(yes, I am going to wear some form of make-up for the first time like, ever), shower stuff, and bug spray. I was going to wait until I was in Orlando to get all this stuff, but I just found out my dad is going to take his truck down, so there will be plenty of room for everything. Now I don't have to overload Maddy Mazda. Speaking of the car, she decided to be a jerk and is in the shop right now. Hopefully it's nothing too serious, I hate it when she makes me poor.

After walmart I was going to start packing, and I kind of did? I put my dvds in a central location, and started the process of figuring out what shirts to take with me. Because yes, I have to do a major filter of these. I have at least 30 Alpha Gamma Delta t-shirts (and that is not an exaggeration at all), Tech t-shirts, Alpha Chi Sigma t-shirts (Chemistry fraternity), and then just random t-shirts. Then there are the actual normal shirts... too much. Just too much. Here's the cliffsnotes version of everything I'm going to bring:
  • clothes
  • bedding
  • computer
  • tv
  • dvds
  • books
  • paperwork
  • iHome
  • iPod
  • cords for tv, camera, computer, etc.
  • Sega and N64
  • vuvuzela
  • shower stuff
And then there is probably going to be random stuff that I'll remember in the midst of packing.

In another attempt to put off packing, I decided to go play with Gus. Gus is a golden retriever and a giant baby. And, since I do this blogging thing now or whatever, I decided that I need to share his adorableness with everyone.

He really likes tennis balls. And playing fetch in the back yard. He's one of those dogs that will run and greet you at the front door when you get home, acting like he hasn't seen you in years when really it's only been about 20 minutes. I've gotten used to him after living at home for more than week for the first time since I started college. And I'm going to miss him when I leave in a few days.

But with a face like that, do you blame me?

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