Friday, May 13, 2011

Round 2!

Disney College Program. Here I come. Again.

Time for round 2 people. Instead of being a grown up and getting an internship with some company more related to my major, it's off to Disney again to be a CP for the summer! My location is going to change from my last program, this time it's attractions! Eek!

Tomorrow I leave McDonough once again to go to that lovely state of Florida. Like last time we're heading to Tampa first to see some family friends, then it's off to Orlando Sunday. My parents are coming with me again, helping me move in and all.

The only difference with this time is I actually know people! My friend Sara from home has been there since January doing the Spring Advantage program, so she'll be there the whole time. My old roommate Amanda is doing the summer program and we're rooming together again! Fun times, fun times.

Check-in is Monday, so I'll find out where I'm working and where I'm living then! I'm hoping for either Chatham or Patterson.

In other news, I finished Spring semester at Tech, which is always a fun time. It was a great semester and I'm really going to miss everyone, but it's only 3 months and I'll be back in the fall just in time for recruitment!!!

Well, that's all for now, I guess I can start this thing up again, I will be back at the most magical place on earth again :)