Monday, August 9, 2010

well, hello orlando

I made it, finally. After driving for over 8 hours on Sunday to Tampa, and then another hour this morning to Orlando, I'm finally in an apartment at Patterson. Three bedroom with some baller roomies. It's funny though, I'm the only one from the south, so apparently I have a southern accent. Back home I sound nothing like a southerner because everyone else has such strong accents compared to me. Oh well, maybe it'll help out with my location.

Speaking of location, I'm going to be at the Magic Kingdom! I'm working at the Crystal Palace. I have no idea what that means costume-wise, but I'll know soon.

When people say that the first day is super busy, they aren't kidding. Really, it is that busy. This morning I woke up at 6 am to make sure me and the fam left Tampa by 6:30. Which we did, sort of. Eh, close enough. Anywho, we knew we were in Orlando when we saw this.

You see mouse ears and you know Disney must be close. The weather wasn't the best this morning, but that's Florida for you.

Around 8 we arrived at Vista Way for check-in. That is where the adventure started. First was a housing line, which is where I got my housing ID, parking pass, and housing assignment. And it is where I had to separate from the parents. Poor parents, having to sit in the parent tent for a while. And by a while, I mean about 4 hours.

After this line, it was time to get on a bus to go to casting. I know, fancy. This is where a bunch of other paperwork was filled out and where all us college kids found out where we were working. Fun times, fun times. And it has really cool door knobs, from Alice in Wonderland.

See, so excited. And needing to kill time waiting on a bus to take us back to Vista.

When the bus arrived, it was back to Vista! When I got back around noon I found my parents and rescued them from the family tent. Well, honestly, I think my mom had fun, we all know how she loves to make new friends. Which she did. Anyways, since it was noon, I went ahead and signed up for the Engineering seminar. It starts in October, but I'm pretty stoked.

At this point it was like 1 in the afternoon, and I still had not eaten. So should have taken a snack. Oh well. While I was in line the parents went to Chick fil A to get some lunch. At this point we finally got to go to Patterson and move in and meet the roomies. They're pretty baller.

After getting all my stuff in my room and my bed made, it was time for the housing meeting. So me and the roomies made the journey to the housing meeting. We got done with that around 5ish, and then it was back to the apartment.

So finally, about a bagillion hours later, I got to sit down. And then get back up to go to Walmart. Except, we didn't exactly find the Walmart, so we just went to Publix instead. They don't have those up north! It blew my mind, no one knew what it was! And I call carts buggies, which is a Georgia thing too.

After that adventure for food, we finally got to go back to the apartment and ordered pizza. Instead of cooking we ordered pizza. But tomorrow, the ramen adventure starts. Get excited kids. So. Much. Ramen.

After food we did what any typical college kid would do: play on computers.

We were all super tired. It was a really long day. Tomorrow is a day off, then traditions on Wednesday.


  1. i'm sooo excited for you!!! i'm so sorry i didn't see you..i dropped my phone in the sea. i'll call you soon!! i can't wait to hear about all your adventures!

  2. i totally call shopping carts "buggies" too! rachel and mk have been making fun of me for that since sophomore year.