Saturday, February 19, 2011

life in the big city again

I've been back in Atlanta for over a month now, and still cannot believe how quickly my program went by. I had no idea 5 months could last roughly 2 days. Looking back on it, I'm so happy I decided to do the program. It's going to take me a complete 5 years to graduate now after missing fall semester and my whole schedule being thrown off, but it was so worth it.

This post is going to be about the perfect last day anyone could imagine. And the best part: this isn't a fairy tale, this is what actually happened the day before I left Disney to drive back to Atlanta.

Well, I guess it starts on Wednesday night. Wednesday, January 5th was my last day as a college program kid at the Crystal Palace. I got lucky and didn't have a closing shift, so it was time for me to clock out at 8:15, right after Wishes. All us college kids clocked out and were headed out the back door. It was very bittersweet, everyone was excited to go home but sad to leave. Wednesday night was spent packing, I knew Thursday would be too busy to even think about it.

Thursday morning I woke up around 8. I know, me, awake before noon. All I wanted to do on my last day was watch wishes and ride Dumbo. I got so much more than that. The day started at Magic Kingdom with breakfast at the Crystal Palace with all my fellow Crystal Palace people. Not only did I eat more food than I can imagine and meet all the characters again, but we finally got to take part in the pooh-rade. Almost 5 months there and we never actually took part in the pooh-rade. Our managers kept coming to our table to talk and goof off, breakfast ended up taking almost 2 hours. We got there around 10 and left after the lunch buffet was set up. We were THAT party, the one we would normally despise if we had been working. On the way out all the part-time and full-time cast members said bye, so we had to take about a million pictures.

Phyllis! One of the coordinators
Jenay, Paola, and I found Sherry at the outside podium
A bunch of the crew!
Eveline. An assignor and hilarious
All of us with Vincent, another coordinator
Good times, good times.

After we finally finished eating, it was time to play. And boy, did we play. Tea cups, Dumbo twice, Space, Big Thunder, Small World, Jungle Cruise, Barnstormer, meet the princesses, meet Mickey and Minnie, Philarmagic, Dole Whips, dancing during the street party, watching the stage show as a guest instead of the front porch, Laugh Floor, Stitch's Great Escape, meet Pirate Goofy, meet the fairies... and watch Wishes. We ran around that park. No, really. RAN. From Toontown to Small World. From Small world to the front of the park.

My favorite part of the stage show

And the dance party begins... Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It!

After all the playing in Magic Kingdom, it was to the monorail! Off to EPCOT! One last ride on Test Track and one last viewing of Illuminations. Just the perfect way to leave. Then it was off to McDonald's for some dinner and back to Patterson to pack. The drive back was a whole different adventure.

At the end of the best day ever