Sunday, June 27, 2010

toy story 3

So, since there is still well over a month until I head down to Disney, I figure this blog thing will not be updated often. Because really, right now my life is pretty dull. But just in case you were wondering what I was up to all summer...

Class 3 days a week and work 3 days a week. So Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I sit in physics 2 lecture and learn all about electric fields, circuits, capacitors, batteries... and the list goes on. Monday is lab day, so I get to play mad scientist and press buttons. Well, really I'm doing a lab, I promise, I'm learning something. In addition to lab, I also have recitation on Mondays, which is always a total blast. Well, something entertaining did happen in recitation a couple weeks ago. The TA forgot about us. So he had to run across campus to make it to class. About 30 minutes late. Did I mention that recitation lasts 50 minutes, and in that time we have to work a practice problem (~25 minutes), then work a problem of our own (~25 minutes)? so yeah, that was fun. Speaking of class... I still have that MasteringPhysics assignment to finish. For those that are wondering, that's our online homework. I know, thrilling. so, brb.

Good thing I remembered, turns out that assignment is due in about 2 hours. Well, anyways, where was I? Oh yes, my thrilling summer. on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday I go to work. From about 8:30 in the morning until about 5 PM I sit in front of a computer. scanning. and scanning. and typing. and then some more scanning. Have you picked up the little hint that I scan a lot? Ok, so I do more than that... I work for a trucking company in the dispatch office, we transport produce all over the south. I do a lot of filing, inputting loads, scanning in bills and receipts, that kind of thing. I like it, the people I work with are super nice, it's a family business.

That means Saturday is my one day off a week. And this is where Toy Story 3 comes in. Well, not yet, but almost there. This past weekend I got to head up to Snellville, GA and visit one of my baller friends. We basically had a blast, ate way too much Waffle House, watched Pride and Prejudice, and just chilled. Now that I think about it, most of my Saturdays have been pretty awesome... took a trip to Lenox with a good friend...slept all day...went to this awesome place called Serenbe... yeah, Saturdays have been legit.

Now to Toy Story 3. My friend Mallory and I decided that we both finally had the ten dollars it costs to see a movie, and we were going to see the new Toy Story gosh darnit. Being poor college students, we decided on Mexican food for dinner, since tacos are cheap. I had a taco left over, so I put it in my purse and took it to the movie. Food is food, and my purse looks like it could carry a small pet or child, so there was plenty of room for a taco. And it totally went along with the movie. I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but there is a part when Buzz speaks Spanish, and my taco came in handy. Let's see how many more times I can fit the word "taco" into this story. taco.

Back in October, there was the Toy Story double feature in 3D, which I got to see, and it was awesome. Now we have Toy Story 3, and woah dang I was excited. Now that I have succeeded in jumping around all willy nilly with this adventure..focus Brooke focus...

Toy Story 3. Awesome. I cried. Multiple times. Pixar always seems to do that... make me cry. It was so sweet and adorable and I loved every second of that movie. I mean, Andy is off to college, and I was off to college 2 summers ago. Wait. 2 summers ago. Woah. That's weird. Anyways, back on topic. So there was that fun fact. And there were little hints back to the first movie, like in the beginning of the movie. Go see it if you haven't and you'll know what I'm talking about. Ken will make you laugh. A lot. Just the whole movie... oh how I love it. Maybe I'll go play my Sega Genesis game for the first Toy Story.... maybe another time.

This got me to thinking about what my favorite Disney movies are, and I really don't know if I can pick a number one. I mean there's Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lion King, Hercules, The Great Mouse Detective... and that isn't even including the Pixar movies. Up, Finding Nemo, Toy Story 1, 2, and 3, The Incredibles... really, the list never ends. I know which one's I really love, and I cannot rank those at all. But really, I like pretty much every Disney movie.

I'm not kidding. I really do like them all. Some more than others, but I like all of them. I do remember always liking Belle more than the other princesses because she could read and had a mind of her own, which I thought (and still think) was awesome.

Honestly, I could go on and on and on about my opinions on all the different movies, like how awesome the Great Mouse Detective really is (I know, forgot about that one didn't you), Pete's Dragon... yeah, I'll save that for another day. This is only the surface of just how much I really do love Disney... Again, saving the rest for another day.

Anywho, that was really a bunch of rambling. But that is allowed, since I'm a ramblin' wreck from Georgia Tech. Maybe I'll update next week of so... eh.. who knows. I'll be more legit about updating when packing begins. Maybe that's when I'll start a vlog...

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