Friday, June 11, 2010

so, funny story...

except it really wasn't that funny when it happened. It is now though.

I finally got my purple folder today! I know, I was supposed to get that ages ago. And by ages ago, I mean back in April, when it was originally sent.

I interviewed back at the beginning of April (April 11th to be exact, the day after TUG!) After interviewing, they say they'll give you some kind of notification within the next four to six weeks. Well for me, I heard nothing after the 4-6 weeks, so I sent an e-mail stating I hadn't received any notification (you know, following the instructions and what not). Well, a couple more weeks go by, and finally, an e-mail saying congrats, you're in! I flipped out, super excited and all that jazz. But I was still confused as to why I didn't have one of those baller purple folders. Because really, the purple folder is exciting and it's always fun to get snail mail.

So I waited, and waited, and waited some more. Still no folder. I even kept checking my school address, since it's summer and I moved back home (no rent and a kitchen with food? well, hot pockets? yes please.) Anyways, still nothing. So I called and asked, and it was sounding like I wasn't getting one of the fancy folders.

Until today, when I checked my school address again after physics class, and BAM. In my mailbox is a rather large envelope, and there is a mouse on the envelope. Finally, my folder! So in my excitement I rip it open and look at all the cool mail I had received. I start to read my letter, and it says I was in! Back in April. For Fall Advantage. And I was supposed to reply by May. Well, that didn't happen, but thank goodness for e-mail! I'm still in, arrival date August 9th.

In the end, everything worked out for the best and I am super stoked.

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