Friday, July 9, 2010

1 month

Today it is exactly 1 month until my check in date. I know, crazy, only a month left. Which got me thinking.... I LEAVE IN ONE MONTH. I should probably start considering what to pack. And maybe start figuring out what professional attire I have that follows the Disney Look. Oh dear, so much to think about. One month.

So. Packing. I usually do this the night before I go somewhere. Or the morning of. But since I'm going to be gone until January, I should probably plan what to take. I mean, it's not like when I'm at Tech and can just drive 30 minutes south and be home. This time, it's about a 7 hour drive. Which means I need to actually plan my packing. Maybe I'll make a list. There are times when I love lists and times when I hate them. This is one of those times where I better make sure I love them. I'll do that next weekend. Hopefully. Maybe I'll get ahead of the game and do it this weekend. Eh, we shall see.

I do know some of the stuff that I need to make sure I remember though. You know, clothes. I'll need to narrow down the t-shirts though. I have about 50 billion Alpha Gam shirts, about 20 thousand Georgia Tech shirts, and... well... just too many t-shirts. I'll have to limit the number of AGD and Tech shirts. Those alone could fill a suitcase. Then there are jeans, professional pants, shorts, my squirrel pjs, and all that fun stuff. I can't decide about my bedding though. I have these baller lion king sheets from way back, and some little mermaid ones, and then the ones I have in the dorm. Maybe I'll take all 3 sets... eh, poor little Maddy Mazda can only handle so much.

Then there's the tv, the N64, Sega Genesis, DVDs, my books (I feel incomplete without my books), a bunch of cords to plug stuff in with, coffee maker, laptop, camera, iPod, alarm clock... and then my knick knacks. These include, but are not limited to, my rubik's cube, knitting (just started doing that), Futurama action figures, all my AGD related items (you should see just how many things I own that have either my letters, a squirrel, or a combo of the two on them), buzz bobble head, mannequin arm, and a bunch of other random things in my room that I'll take. And of course my Lady Gaga poster. That is a must. So is the Snow White print I got for my birthday one year, that's a good decoration.

And one thing that I cannot forget is Herman. Herman is my pig. Well, not live pig, but my one stuffed animal that I'm not even embarrassed about. He has been everywhere with me, in every dorm/apartment I've lived in, so of course he's going to Disney. I think Herman was supposed to be a girl, it's from the Pink Pig at Macy's that they have every Christmas. But my friend Jessie said he looked like a Herman, so it just stuck. I think it had something to do with that whole part from UP, you know, "Kevin's a girl?"

In addition to all my personal belongings, there is all that paperwork I need to remember. The on-boarding paperwork... all those different forms of ID.... yes, a list will be needed. I'll work on that.

Well, in non-Disney related things, life in Mcdizzle is not that thrilling. A couple friends and I made pralines, which was a success! Now I know why those suckers cost like a bagillion dollars a pound. Let's see, anything else.... nope, pretty much just work and school. And tv, I'm usually tired after work because I wake up at like 7:30, but I usually can't fall asleep until 3 in the morning, so I lay around and watch tv. Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, So You Think You Can Dance, Futurama, True Blood, and past tv series on DVD. Right now the series being watched on DVD is Angel, a spin off of Buffy. And let me tell you, it's good.

Anyways, not much else going on here. The next blog will probably be about the actual packing adventure, including pictures. I know, thrilling. And one day I'll make a vlog.... maybe I'll do that when I get there, since I'm going to have so much free time (sarcasm intended). We shall see!

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