Sunday, July 18, 2010

three weeks

Is it really only three weeks away? Wow, that is insane. I should probably start figuring out my life or something. That whole "get everything done" thing. Make lists, make sure all paperwork related to school is done, figure out what to pack, get the Maddie Mazda's oil changed, figure out what those weird noises are she's been making when chilling out at red lights, learn physics, figure out Biot-Savart Law, LC and LR Circuits.... ok, maybe I really should make a list. This is going to get overwhelming. Take a chill pill, breathe, drink a Diet Dr. Pepper, and repeat.

Well, now that the mini freak out moment is over, I have exciting news! I finally got my flip camera! Which means......... vlog! That's right kids, I can start a vlog. One more thing to help me procrastinate. But yes, I now have a camera, and I plan on using it for either the adventure that is packing (trust me... this will be an adventure) and the trip down to Orlando. That is going to be a fun drive. Well, it really shouldn't be that bad, I should chill out with the sarcasm, it doesn't really work as well in writing as it does in person. I know, shocking.

I guess this is where I start making sense about this post, but really, it's just a filler until it's time to pack. Like for real pack.

Well, recently I got to have an awesome adventure to CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) and some Ben and Jerry's ice cream with a great friend, so that is always a plus. What else has happened recently... Oh! Movies. Inception. GO SEE IT. Everything you can ask for in a movie and more. I need to see it again. and again. and again. Just so good, really people, go see it. That's not the only movie I saw this week though... Despicable Me. So cute. Even though it isn't Disney, I really liked it. Too adorable.

That really is all that is going on in my life right now: school, work, chilling in McDonough, some trivia, you know, same stuff, different day. But in a couple weeks... life is going to get hectic. With the packing and the driving and that whole final exam thing for physics... oh boy, lets not think about that now.

I've realized that this little blog thing is probably super boring with no pictures, so this is Herman, the pig that travels with me everywhere and will be helping me pack.

Yes, Herman is a stuffed animal pig from the Pink Pig at Macy's. He's ready to go; took my keys and phone. Thanks Herman. Herman has eyelashes like a girl. Because he is really Priscilla the Pink Pig. But that was just not fitting, and, honestly, just looks like a Herman. He got his name like Kevin from Up, you know that whole "Kevin's a girl" thing. My friend Jessie named him for me.

These are a couple more buddies coming to Disney.

Nibbler and Bender cannot miss out on an adventure like this. Who knows when something will need bending or require dark matter!

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