Saturday, November 27, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...

in 8108. Yes, we have already decorated the apartment. But hey, we're at Disney, and Christmas started the week after Halloween. It was a whole 2 days before Thanksgiving when we decorated. Which is strange for me, I am usually so anti decorating before my birthday.

This is how it went down. Target is a wonderful store. We bought a fake tree (something I also usually refuse to do, but we have someone who is allergic here), some ornaments, lights, decorations, bows, and even a Christmas music CD. We woke up at the crack of dawn (around 10 AM, which is the crack of dawn if we don't have work before noon), got in the car and headed to Target. The day started with Starbucks, the first time I've had Starbucks since being here. Goodness gracious how I have MISSED Starbucks. And there is one right down the road and everything.

Anyways, we started with Starbucks. Because it is in the Target and all. It is a Super Target. We found our cute 6 foot tree that was one sale and put that in the buggy first. Then it was off to play in Christmas Land. I love shopping for decorations about as much as I love shopping for school supplies. Which is a lot. So much fun. Then we had to pick out ornaments. We went with some fun colors, all of our initials, and a star for the top. Granted, we aren't just rolling in the dough, so we got the cheapest stuff. But it is still super cute. And of course a few Disney ornaments have made their way onto the tree.

After ornaments it was time for lights and decorations. We couldn't go too crazy though, remember, we are on a budget. Which is why we hit up the dollar section. We spent well over an hour in the store, and loved every minute of it. There were roughly 2,856 giggles and lots of loudness. People really shouldn't take me in public when I'm excited and drinking coffee. It becomes very entertaining.

We got home around 12:30, and I didn't have work until 4, so it was time to decorate. We had to build a tree!

We were very excited.

Sam was very excited.

Amanda decided we should read the directions.

It was a group effort.

See, lots of hard work to build. After the building, it was time for decorating.

Did I mention that we were excited?

Let's have a video of the process. First came the lights, followed by the ornaments. Sam is going to give you a nice little tour.

The tree!

Ta-da!!! All done!

After the tree was finished, it was time for the rest of the apartment. The tables have wrapping paper and the doors have been turned into presents.

Speaking of presents, I got an early birthday present! It was perfect! Hand turkeys, cookies, and a nice tree with ornaments for my room. It makes it feel just like home. And a tad bit homesick. I love being here, but I'm ready to see some friends from home.

Anyways, after decorating was done, I had to go to work. I will say, it is very nice to come home to a decorated apartment. It just makes you feel a bit happier and cheerful.

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