Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blanket forts

Saturday was my first day off in like 9 days. Ok, maybe 8. I don’t really know. Again, I have no concept of time. Anyways, as it turns out, not only did I have off, but so did Laura, Sam, Amanda, and Tabbie. I know, awesome.

We started the day sleeping until around noon. My sleep schedule is so crazy now. I haven’t slept this late in ages. Anyways, we were hungry and had absolutely no desire to cook. So where do we go? Waffle House of course. Amanda and I introduced Laura to Waffle House a few days ago, and this was Sam’s first visit. It was delicious, as usual. Since so many of us had the day off, we had planned to go play on property at Boardwalk or some other resort, but we didn’t really make it there. Instead, after Waffle House we went to the nail place. Sam, Laura, and Amanda wanted to get their nails did, so me and Tabbie just went to hang out. And I was the one who drove, so I kind of needed to be there. That whole transportation thing. And Tabbie and I decided to get smoothies. Smoothies are always a good idea.

After the whole nail adventure, it was about 4 in the afternoon. We didn’t really want to go to a park or anything at this point, so we decided a movie would be fun. We got back to the apartment and moved a tv into the living room so we could all fit in one room to watch Mean Girls. Here’s the thing with Mean Girls… There are 3 copies of it in our apartment (dooopies as we like to refer to them) and we quote that movie all the time. Really. I’m not kidding. All. The. Time.

Anyways, as we were all grabbing pillows and blankets so we would all be comfy in the living room (only 3 people can fit on the couch), we got an idea. Why not take all the blankets and build a fort?! BRILLIANT! It was super exciting. A blanket fort. Yes please.

This is serious business. Just look at Amanda working, and Laura thinking. I finally get to use some of my engineering! Yes!

And pose J From left to right: Tabbie, Sam, Laura, Amanda. Pamela had to work, and I’m behind the camera.

This is the view from the inside of the fort, and this picture does not do it justice at all.

And the final product after the movie was over. We really didn’t want to clean it up, so there was a fort in the living room for about an hour after the movie was over. I’m a personal fan of the giant GT and Buzz blanket. You would think we are all Tech fans looking around the apartment, I brought a ton of GT stuff.


  1. can we build a blanket fort once a week please?

  2. haha i love you brooke. this is awesome!