Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Awkward Pictures

Last week was September break for the schools in Henry County. September break is a random week that the schools have off during the school year, 6 weeks after school starts. When I was in high school, everyone I knew seemed like they were going to Disney. I always had volleyball, but that’s beside the point.

This meant that it was a week for my family to come visit. Well, my mom and brother. My dad couldn’t get off work. Monday I had to work from around 1-9 PM. This was the day that mom and Michael decided to drive down to Tampa, and I drove over after work to meet them. Fun times at the Idica’s. (We used to live in Tampa, Valrico actually, and we stayed with our old neighbor) Tuesday was the day to go to the parks.

Tuesday morning we got up around 8 and got ready to head to Disney. Mom, Michael, Susie, and I all got in the car and started the hour drive to the park. We started our day at Hollywood Studios. I’ve been there a few times since coming down here, but my mom hasn’t been in about 14 years, and my brother had never been. The first ride we went to was Tower of Terror, which is always a blast. Michael liked it, Mom was scared to death. Oh, and there were no lines. At all. Awesome.
After Tower we had to ride Rock’n’Rollercoaster. Again, no line. This one was a bigger hit than Tower. We ended up riding it twice because there was no line at all. I’m serious people, NO LINE. It’s gotten to the point where I know where the cameras are on the rides, so I’ve started posing.

Mom and Michael got in on the fun too. This is the famous Laura/earthquake face that I’m making. Mrs. Susie is just being adorable and smiling.

After riding the rollercoaster a few times I took them to the Great Movie Ride, which is nice. I like it, and it has air conditioning.

Group picture! We look like such tourists.

We roamed around Studios for a little while, and around 1 decided to go to Epcot.
This whole park hopper thing is awesome. Just go to one park for a while, then go to another. The Epcot parking lot was super empty, we didn’t even take a tram to the entrance. We were on the 6th row or something.

The first thing we did when we got there was Spaceship Earth. I like it, but they were hungry and mom wanted to eat something different, so it was time to head to the different countries. Michael wanted a burger or hot dog, so he got a hot dog. I don’t even remember where it was. We ate in Morocco and it was wonderful. Delicious!

While traveling around the world, we had to ride the Norway ride, because hey, why not. And there are fun toys in the gift shop. Michael and I had a battle. It was epic. And hilarious.

We started off fighting the troll...

Then we just ended up fighting each other.

“You’ve got to pay the troll toll…” It’s always sunny anyone?

I think this is the new Christmas card picture

We also met 2 characters. Cinderella’s step-sisters! They were hilarious. And awesome.

“Look awkward Michael….”

This is also when mine and Michael’s new favorite game started. They have signs called Kodak Picture Spots, which means that area is pretty and you should take a picture there. Me and Michael took that to mean take a picture with the sign and the kids in the picture on the sign. Enjoy.

This game will be continued with the roomies.

We rode Mission Space, Soarin’, Test Track, Nemo, and the Imagination rides. Then we found a really fun fountain. It’s the little things….

We took a lot more pictures and played here for a solid 15 minutes.

After the fountain everyone was ready to head out, so we ended up leaving around 6:30 and heading back to Tampa.

Aren’t we such a cute little family? Too bad Dad had to work, or it would have been all four of us. Oh well, maybe next time!

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