Tuesday, October 5, 2010

update in 8108

Well, now that most of the family visits are over for a while, life in 8108 has been busy. And by busy, I mean busy working. All of us here have been working a lot, and when we aren't working or trying to get a little bit of sleep, we must have adventures. Let me think about some of the recent ones....

We have a new obsession in the apartment. His name is marcel, and he's a shell, and he has shoes on. It's a video on youtube, you should watch.

It is absolutely adorable, and we are constantly quoting it. There's probably something in the Orlando air that makes us a tad bit crazy. Maybe it's the pixie dust. Who knows.

Today was room inspections, which means it was a cleaning frenzy in the 8108 yesterday. It all payed off though, we won the white glove award! All that means is we had a super clean apartment and we get some free chocolate. It's funny, freshman year at Tech mine and Lauren's dorm in Cloudman was almost on Oprah for being the messiest dorm room, and now I have a supa clean room. Fun times.

To celebrate we went to ihop and saw The Social Network. Good movie. Go see it. Look at the clean rooms!
Our prize!!!
Living room, with Sam taking a nap on the couch
Amanda and Pamela's room
My side
Laura and Sam's room

Saturday and Sunday I worked 11 hours, so I was kind of useless for the day after that. I wanted some sleep. And by sleep, I mean I hung out with my roomies and watched tv and just goofed off. We watched last year's season finale of Grey's anatomy a couple nights ago. I have no idea why though, every time I watch an episode of Grey's it makes me cry. Whatever, it was entertaining.

Yesterday after cleaning in the morning I met up with my friend Anna and we went to play at Hollywood Studios and look around Food and Wine at Epcot. At Hollywood we met a ton of characters, which was awesome! And Tower of Terror is always fun. Food and Wine looks like it's going to be awesome. SO much delicious food. And Hanson is supposed to be there, which means I have to go.

These are some of my favorite pictures with characters from yesterday's adventure

Sorcerer Mickey

Jafar (He creeped me out)

Meeko and Pocahontas

Buzz and Woody
Mr. Smee and Captain Hook
A Green Army Man

I think hug pictures are the best. Probably my favorite ones ever. The one I have with Beast from Epcot is still super awesome.

Well, I think that's all that is going on here. My first day of my class/seminar thing is next Monday, which is also my next day off. My concept of time is completely gone, Monday has become my Saturday, and when did it become October? Wow, we've almost been here 2 months already. Time is flying by.

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